About Elnatan Design

The inspiration derives from architectural structures, art, sculptures, childhood games such as Tetris, Lego and stairs. I create modern geometrical jewelry that enhances our daily fashion style and gives a feeling of CHICNESS, elegance and uniqueness. I use the beauty and strength of metal to create minimal, edgy statement pieces that are powerful, lightweight and will make you feel fabulous!

The main theme of my designs is the relations and connections between different forms and structures. All the jewelry you see is handmade from brass and silver using sterling silver, silicone, Swarovski stones and chains. The gold pieces are 14k gold plate over brass. Every piece I create is unique, something which I believe is so important in this world of mass-produced and machine-made multiples. I am constantly striving to push my creative boundaries and to extend my visual vocabulary by combining classical methods and contemporary techniques. I love experimenting with different materials and expressing my thoughts and experiences through my work. just as the silence between notes in music is vital, i strive to create a harmony between the solid form, minimalist lines and the empty space within and around them to magnify the intensity of expression. The goal is to have positive influence on the viewer, owner, or the wearer of her pieces. My joy is having been fortunate enough to turn my passion into my profession. For me, each piece is a part of me. I would like to pass on some of this joy to you.


  • SHOWS:
  • 2018. Sieraad, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.
  • 2016. BIJOUX! Contemporary Jewelry Show, Norton Museum of Art , West Palm Beach, Florida
  • 2015. Dress Code, Dubnov gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • DESIGN SUPERMARKET 2016, International festival of contemporary design in Prague.
  • BIJOUX! 2016, Catalog of the Norton Museum of Art
  • SIERAAD 2018, International Jewellery Art Fair, 17th Edition.